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100 Years

ANZAC Day and Remembrance Days are important for many Australians.

They are days when we remember the people who risked their lives so we can live in peace.

What do we do on these special days?

Veterans sitting Anzac Day Cairns 2017

ANZAC Day, Cairns 2017

Finding out

Which two special days are set aside to remember Australians who put themselves in danger so others can live in peace and safety?

Talk to an older person about how they celebrated these special days when they were your age. Think about what questions you will ask.

Sorting out

Did you see the red flowers in the video? Find out why the poppy is used as a symbol on Remembrance Day. What other symbols did you notice?

Talk to someone about why it is important that we continue to remember the people who risked their lives so we can live in peace and safety.

Taking action

Find out what community events are happening at your school and in your area on ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day.

Talk with your family about how you can commemorate these special days together. Maybe you could watch a parade, attend a Dawn Service, make some paper poppies, light a candle, wear a badge, make ANZAC biscuits, listen to a song or read a picture book about ANZAC Day.

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