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War and Peace in the Pacific: David's Story

History 10

David Mattiske witnessed some of the most intense naval battles of the Pacific campaign in World War II on board the HMAS Shropshire. David takes you on a journey of what it was like hearing about the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima, arriving in Tokyo Bay when the Japanese Instrument of Surrender was signed and the celebrations that occurred in Tokyo at the end of the war. David’s story is one of courage, fear, hope, and empathy for the enemy.


'I can remember very clearly that an Atomic Bomb had been dropped at a place called Hiroshima, we were aware then, that this may be the end of the war.'


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Cross Curriculum Priority

done Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures

done Sustainability

done Asia and Australia's Engagement with Asia

General capabilities

done Literacy

done Numeracy

done ICT Capability

done Critical and Creative Thinking

done Personal and Social Capability

done Ethical Understanding

done Intercultural Understanding


Overview of the causes and course of World War II.


Examination of significant events of World War II, including the Holocaust and use of the atomic bomb.