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Observation post WWI

The Impact of World War I on Australia

Modern History 11-12
In this activity series, students will study the impact that World War I had on Australia and Australian society. This background study includes the following topics: Charles Bean and Censorship; Propaganda, Marketing and Conscription; Internment Camps and Immigration as well as the achievements of William ‘Billy’ Hughes and the world’s impression of Australia post-World War I.

150 minutes

Learning Goals

Students will learn about:

Censorship during WWI as background information for more intensive study of the period.

The role and impact of Charles Bean including his credibility as a source for the new era.

The marketing and propaganda around enlistment during WWI particularly in 1916-1917.

The concept of conscription particularly in 1916-1917 in line with enlistment numbers.

Internment Camps during World War I as background information for more intensive study of the period including its effects on society and policies such as immigration.

William 'Billy' Hughes including his significance and impact on Australian history between 1915-1949.

What you’ll need

Computer or device for individual research

Projector, TV or Smartboard for the display of images to the class

Students can complete the handouts digitally on their devices or the student handouts can be printed

Year level

Year 11-12


Modern History


Unit 3: Modern Nations in the 20th Century


Australia 1918-1949


An overview of Australia in 1918 as background information for more intensive study of the period.


Identify links between events to understand the nature and significance of causation, change and continuity over time.


The changing nature and significance of Australia's foreign policy from 1916-1949.


Analyse, interpret and synthesise evidence from different types of sources to develop and sustain a historical argument.


The key features of post-war reconstruction, including industrialisation, immigration, the provision of social welfare, and attitudes and policies towards Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, and women.


Evaluate the reliability, usefulness and contestable nature of sources to develop informed judgements that support a historical argument.


The role and impact of significant individuals in the period, for example W. M. Hughes, Sir John Monash, Vida Goldstein, Ben Chifley, John Curtin and Robert Menzies.


Analyse and account for the different perspectives of individuals and groups in the past.


Evaluate contested views about the past to understand the provisional nature of historical knowledge and to arrive at reasoned and supported conclusions.


The Impact of WWI on Australia

In this activity series students will develop an understanding of the impact of World War I on Australia through analysis and research. Students will study topics including: Charles Bean, Censorship, Marketing, Propaganda, Conscription, Internment Camps and Immigration, William 'Billy' Hughes and the world's changing perception of Australia.

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