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The ANZAC Tradition

History 9
In this activity, students will learn about the hardships and threats experienced by Australians who served in World War I as well as the differences and similarities of the Western Front and Gallipoli.

60 minutes

Learning Goals

Students gain an understanding of the hardships experienced by Australian service personnel during World War I.

What you’ll need


Computer for media

Notebook and Pens

Individual computer or device for research

Year level

Year 9



Cross Curriculum Priority

done Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures

done Sustainability

done Asia and Australia's Engagement with Asia

General capabilities

done Literacy

done Numeracy

done ICT Capability

done Critical and Creative Thinking

done Personal and Social Capability

done Ethical Understanding

done Intercultural Understanding


The places where Australians fought and the nature of warfare during World War I, including the Gallipoli campaign.


The commemoration of World War I, including debates about the nature and significance of the ANZAC legend.


Identify and analyse the perspectives of people from the past.


The ANZAC Tradition

In this activity, students will learn about the threats and hardships the ANZAC's experienced during World War I. They will also make comparisons between Gallipoli and the Western Front.