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Australian troops landing on Gallipoli beach
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What will you do

Can you imagine how the ANZACs felt when they landed at Gallipoli, with enemy soldiers firing at them and shrapnel flying all around?

Many of the ANZACs who returned home continued to suffer, even if they had not been physically injured. They had experienced terrible things that were hard to forget.

Aus troops at a front line observation post

A front line observation post, within two hundred yards of the enemy, who could be seen dodging about dugout entrances in the trenches. Australian War Memorial E02872--2.

Finding out

The video describes the landing at Anzac Cove on the Gallipoli Peninsula on 25 April, 1915. Visit the Australian War Memorial website. Search for the article called ‘A Difficult Landing’. Look at the photographs and read some accounts of the landing.

Australians served in many other places around the world in World War I (WWI). Many saw their friends wounded or killed. Talk with an adult about how that experience might feel. Imagine what it was like for the medical personnel who had to treat the wounded and carry them to safety.

Sorting out

Think about the scariest moment you have ever experienced in your life. What happened? What did you do? Was there anyone around who could help you? Who have you talked to about this experience?

How do you think wartime was similar and different for personnel who served in WWI? How does recalling scary moments in your life help you imagine the feelings of our defence personnel in WWI? Why is it important for us to imagine and talk about the emotions they felt all that time ago?

Taking action

Imagine you are a young soldier or medical officer serving at Gallipoli. Write a letter from the trenches to your parents or to a friend at home about your experience. Describe how you felt as you rowed ashore amidst the gunfire. What thoughts went through your head? What sounds do you hear through the day and night? What can you smell around you? What do you want to say to your family?

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