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Meet Merv: an Air Gunner during World War II

History 10
Meet Merv, an Air Gunner who was called up to the Air Force on his 18th Birthday after completing 2 years of training. Merv talks about being one of the lucky ones who survived the air battles over Europe and what happened when he came home.
Year level

Year 10



Cross Curriculum Priority

done Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures

done Sustainability

done Asia and Australia's Engagement with Asia

General capabilities

done Literacy

done Numeracy

done ICT Capability

done Critical and Creative Thinking

done Personal and Social Capability

done Ethical Understanding

done Intercultural Understanding


Experiences of Australians during World War II (such as Prisoners of War (POWs), the Battle of Britain, Kokoda, the Fall of Singapore).


The impact of World War II, with a particular emphasis on the Australian home front, including the changing roles of women and use of wartime government controls (conscription, manpower controls, rationing and censorship).