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ANZAC Square Memorial Galleries

History, HASS, Modern History 3, 9, 10, 11-12

The ANZAC Square Memorial Galleries are an interactive journey into Queensland’s War History from World War I to today. The galleries are designed to honour the courage, service, resilience and sacrifice of our servicemen and women in times of war and peacekeeping.

The ANZAC Square Memorial Galleries are located underneath the historic ANZAC Square site in Brisbane’s CBD. The Galleries offer visitors a place to commemorate and learn about Queensland’s war history from World War I through to the present-day including peace keeping missions. The galleries feature interactive digital displays of primary and secondary sources which have been curated by the State Library of Queensland. The Galleries focus on the experience of war both at home and overseas.

The ANZAC Square Memorial Galleries consist of 3 galleries each representing a different time in history. The Galleries feature digital photos, letters, diary entries and other artifacts which highlight the experiences of servicemen and women during World War I, World War II and Post World War II. Over 10,000 items are featured across the three gallery spaces.

Planning your visit

If you are planning a school visit, bookings are essential due to the demand and the nature of the space. Teachers are advised to ensure students are aware that the galleries are a shared space with the public and some visitors may have a personal connection with an event or a person that is depicted within the gallery. Teachers are also asked to remind students that memorial plaques within the World War I Memorial Crypt should not be touched to ensure preservation. This could be the perfect opportunity to have a discussion with your students about the preservation of historical artifacts.

Tours are offered free of charge and are limited to a maximum of 20 participants per tour. A maximum of 2 tours operate during each of the available time slots which allows for 40 participants to enjoy the tours at any given time. Larger groups are encouraged to book across multiple time slots which could provide opportunities for an alternating picnic lunch in ANZAC Square.

Tours are available Monday to Friday at 10:00am, 11:30am and 1:00pm. They are approximately 1hr in duration. ANZAC Square Memorial Galleries recommends 1 adult to 10 students' ratio to ensure the safety of students who visit the gallery. A risk assessment which has been created by the galleries can be found on their website.

The Galleries also feature a space for seating up to 40 students which includes facilities for presentations such as the ability to connect a laptop to a large screen. This could be a perfect area for an excursion debrief before returning to school.


ANZAC Square
285 Ann Street
Brisbane City


Phone: 0466 922 259

Opening Times

Sunday to Friday 10am-4pm
Saturday Closed


Admission is free.