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Mini Boot Camp

Everyone in the community benefits from keeping fit. Having a good level of fitness helps us all to lead healthy, safe and active lives. Our instructor Laurie served in the Defence force and is now in the fitness industry. She knows how important physical fitness is, particularly for children. Watch Laurie run a workout class for children from five to seven years of age.

Mini Boot Camp kids exercising

Finding out

Think about the things that people in Defence do as part of their work. Ask an adult to help you search the internet for ‘Defence jobs’. Physical fitness is important because some jobs in Defence are highly physical, require stamina, agility, and coordination. How do you think Defence personnel keep fit?

Why is physical fitness also important for people who don’t work in a Defence job?

Think about your own physical activity and fitness:

  • What activities do you and your family do that require good physical fitness?
  • What do you notice happening to different parts of your body when you exercise?
  • How does this make you feel?
  • What is something you can do every day to help you keep fit?

Sorting out

Laurie asks the children why there are ‘Kids' Fitness’ classes at the centre. Listen to their answers. What other reasons can you add to these?

Using her whiteboard, Laurie shows the four parts of the fitness session, starting with a warm up. Watch and listen for the other three parts. What are they?

Three exercises in the video are the crab walk, bear walk and goblet squat. Use the template provided to show what these exercises are and why do people do them.

In a group, brainstorm and make a list of other exercises you may know of or like that Laurie and the students could have done.

The children used equipment for some of these activities. Which activities can you do without equipment? Think about how you can do this workout at home. What can you use at home instead of these:

  • Wooden box
  • Foam block
  • Plastic cone marker
  • Rope ladder.

Check your ideas with your teacher. Remember to always ask a parent or teacher to supervise you while you exercise.

Taking action

Can you design a fitness session for your family or friends? Use Laurie’s four-part fitness class outline:

  1. Warm up
  2. Skill lesson
  3. Workout
  4. Game

Remember, Laurie explained that the warm up activities must match the skills and movements you will use during the workout.

Make flash cards with pictures or symbols to show people how they need to move, like the outline on Laurie’s whiteboard. Think about the equipment you will need to set up for an obstacle course. Ask your teacher if you can set up your obstacle course in a safe space at school or talk to your family about where you can set up - in the backyard, a park nearby, or your lounge room.

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For teachers and parents

Teachers' notes for Mini Boot Camp