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School children paying respects on anzac day
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What You Can Do

You don’t have to have served in the Army, Navy or Air Force to be part of ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day. By attending the marches and services, we show respect for people who have served in conflicts, peacekeeping missions or disaster relief operations.

But there are many other ways you can participate, like helping your local RSL Sub Branch to prepare for the service or assisting older veterans who might find it hard to walk or stand.

Discover what you can do to honour our service people, past and present.

Two people paying respects to anzac day dawn service toowong

ANZAC Day, Toowong 2018

Finding out

ANZAC and Remembrance Days are solemn occasions when we remember the courage and selflessness of people who served in conflicts and peacekeeping missions around the world. Many towns and suburbs host Dawn Services and marches on ANZAC Day (25 April), and Remembrance Day ceremonies on 11 November. You can participate in these special occasions.

What happens in your community on ANZAC and Remembrance Days? If you’re not sure you can contact your local council or RSL Sub Branch. You can find RSL Queensland Sub Branches at;

Sorting out

Of the activities depicted in the image gallery, are there some that appeal to you? Can you think of other things you might be able to do to help?

When you view the images, think of the effort that has gone into organising the events. Could you lend a hand setting up events, keeping things running smoothly or tidying up afterwards?

Do you know what ANZAC and Remembrance Days commemorate? Go online or visit the library to find out about these special days. Why was Remembrance Day once known as Armistice Day?

Taking action

Do you think it is important for people to contribute to their community? Identify something you can do to contribute on ANZAC or Remembrance Day.

  • What resources will you need?
  • Who should you speak to?
  • Can you work with friends or relatives?
  • How much time will you commit to the task?

Develop an action plan that outlines:

  • the way you will support ANZAC or Remembrance Day commemorations
  • the resources you’ll need
  • a timeline showing all the things you need to do the names and contact details of people you will be working with.

More for years 7 - 10

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For teachers and parents

Teachers' notes for ANZAC and Remembrance Days: what you can do?