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Announcing Our Winners!

Imagining the Past

We had a fantastic response to our Imagining the Past competition. Entries flooded in from all over the state, from Gindie and Annandale, Woongoolba and Toowoomba.

It was REALLY hard to select our District finalists, but here they are – with their winning entries: 


Addison S (North Queensland District)


Anika A (Moreton District)


Deklin T (Brisbane North District)



Delphina D (Far Northern District)


Genevieve H (Western District)


Imogen M (Wide Bay & Burnett District)


Kurt L (Gold Coast District)



Mia R (South Eastern District)



Rose C (Sunshine Coast & Regional District)


Stella S (Pioneer-Fitzroy-Highlands District)


Capturing the Past

Thanks to everyone who took the time to interview or research a veteran’s story and share it with us. Unfortunately, our entries were from only four Districts, so we have only four District finalists:


Evelien M (Brisbane North District)
Annalyse R (Gold Coast District)
Caitlin W (Far Northern District)
Nick J (North Queensland District)

Once again, our State President was pleased to select our overall state winner, Evelien, whose entry can be read here.