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RSL Education provides high quality educational resources for students of all ages. All material is free to use and is aligned with the Queensland curriculum.

Through animations, slide shows and research projects, RSL Education aims to interest and inspire primary and secondary school students and deepen their understanding of  Australia’s role in the conflicts of the past century.

For Students from Prep to year 12

Watch videos, slideshows and images that explain the role Australia played in wars and peacekeeping operations around the world, and how this shaped the country we have become.

Find out how you can look after your mental and physical health – including taking part in a military-style boot camp for kids – and build resilience. Learn the importance of compassion and empathy in taking care of those around you.

Find out what being in the Navy, Air Force or Army is really like, and what it feels like to come home after fighting in a war.

Or learn more about the servicemen and women from your local community who gave their lives so we can live in peace.

For teachers, parents and educators

Draw on RSL Queensland’s repository of knowledge and experience to create lessons that will bring the story of Australia’s military history to life, with animations, slideshows and self-driven research projects.

Explore the impact our involvement in the conflicts of the past century has had on Australian society, and on the health and wellbeing of those who have served in the Australian Defence Force.

RSL Education provides detailed teaching resources that will assist in lesson planning, augment learning with engaging multimedia content, and link classroom activities with lived experience through the thousands of veterans who make up RSL Queensland’s membership.

All materials have been developed by curriculum specialists to ensure they are accurate, reliable and aligned with the Queensland curriculum.

Have you considered inviting a veteran into the classroom? A visit from a veteran can benefit your students’ knowledge and understanding immensely across a range of learning areas. For some insights into preparing for and organising for the visit, please click the link below.

Download How to Arrange a Visit from a Veteran file_download

For RSL branches and members

As veterans, you have firsthand experience of many of the conflicts, peacekeeping operations and disaster relief operations that Australia has been involved in.

RSL Education provides an opportunity for you to help Queensland’s school students gain a far deeper understanding of these engagements than they can gain from a book or video alone.

For information on how to prepare and organise for a school visit, please click the link below.

Download How to Prepare for a School Visit file_download

Disclaimer and conditions of use

Disclaimer – Please note that content for students in years 7-12 might not be suitable for Primary school students.


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Education text (Primary) – Maria Mead
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Education text (Secondary health) – Glenn Amezdroz
Education text (health) – Jodi Phillips
Boot camp instructor – Laurie Drummond of Ultra CrossFit, Milton
Whiskey's Wish
Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation
Human Performance Centre, Lavarack Barracks, Townsville
Bordertown Films
Archival images are courtesy of the Australian War Memorial. Images of members of the 2nd Light Horse Regiment are courtesy of the State Library of Queensland.
The recording of Prime Minister Keating’s speech at the funeral for the Unknown Soldier is courtesy of the Australian Broadcasting Commission.



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